Indonesia - Part II - Lombok / Bali

Mittwoch, 15.01.2014

Hey guys,

after some great days in Bali, me and my two friends travelled to Lombok, an Island east of Bali. Lombok has some great beaches, a huge vulcano and some awesome little islands.

After 6 hours of boredom on a slow public ferry, we arrived the harbour in Lembar late in the evening and were happy to find a place to eat and a transfer to Senggigi, a cool city with a beautiful beach and a nice nightlife. After spending one night there, we headed to our final destinations for the next week: Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is one of three Gili Islands in the northwest of Lombok. 

  Gili Trawangan Sunset on Gili Trawangan   

After searching a while for a nice place to stay, we found a great bungalow for 900,000 IDR for 6 nights. That means 50,000 per night per person, which is roundabout 3€ and therefore really really cheap. After some relaxing days at the beach and a snorkelling trip, we had to leave our bungalow and found out that the 900,000 IDR were the price for one night, not for six. However, after paying a little amount of Rupiah (200,000 each) we could leave without any trouble and still had a nice and cheap stay there. 

Unfortunately, we needed a place to stay for the most important night on Gili Trawangan, New Years Eve. Most of the rooms were full or way overpriced due to the holiday and tons of tourists, but in the end we found a nice little place over a café/restaurant. With the feeling of sleeping outside, but still having a roof above our heads, we were ready to party. We visited different beach parties or pool parties and had a great night! Happy New Year Everyone!

After that night, we splittet up to go to our individual destinations. My next stop was a beautiful mountain in the northeast of Lombok: Gunung Rinjani, the 2nd highest vulcano in Indonesia. I booked a trekking trip for 3 days and 2 nights and started at the next morning with a great small group of two other Germans, two from Switzerland, one from Russia and two guys from India. Starting in Senaru (600m above sealevel), our first day included trekking to the first crater rim (~2700m a.s.l.). Enjoying a nice sunset and a great dinner, we rested for a few hours before we continued our journey. At the sencond day, we went down to the crater lake and a hot spring (~2000m a.s.l.), having lunch and walking up again to another crater rim, close to summit (~2800m a.s.l.). After another rest, we startet at 3am to get to the summit to see the sunrise. Four of us really made it to the summit: the last 2 hours were really steep with deep sands, which made it even more difficult.. The feeling at the top excuses for everything, though! What a view, unbelievable! After going back to our camp (this time with enough light to enjoy the trek), we met the others again, had breakfast and started to get back to Senaru, but this time another way.

 At the summit of Gunung Rinjani Vulcano inside vulcano, simply beautiful!

At the same day, I headed back to Senggigi, stayed there one night before I got to Lembar to take the ferry back to Bali. I stayed a few nights in Kuta and tried myself with surfing! I loved it. It took me some tries, but at the end of the first day, I were able to stand on the board for a few seconds while riding the wave. Spending the nights in nice beach cafés I met some really nice people. One of those joined me to my trip to Gilimanuk in the very west of Bali, as we both wanted to go to Java next. It took us several hours to get to Gilimanuk, as we stopped at a lot of nice temples or plantations. We directly took a short ferry to East Java after we arrived in Gilimanuk. Time to explore the east of Java! 

Nice temple complex in Mengwi, BaliRice plantation on Bali

Thanks for reading, comments are really appreciated! Goodbye :)

Indonesia - Part I - Bali

Sonntag, 12.01.2014

Hey guys,

after my first semester in Chuncheon, Southkorea it's time for a little break and great adventures! While a lot of people asking me, whether I deserve such a vacation ("You are in Asia to study, Mr.!" :D) let me ensure you that I were studying in Korea and now it's time for a little break and exploring new sites of Asia, starting in Bali (Indonesia)!

For all those haters :P

As some of you probably know, the first (and third and fifth) island I visited was Bali. Rich on beautiful rice terraces, crowded touristic spots, nice sand beaches, good diving and surfing spots, high mountains and quiet villages, Bali offers you the whole package. You can sleep in cheap bungalows or dorm beds or in expensive hotels: Whatever kind of vacation you are looking for, you can probably find it on Bali.

Starting in Incheon, Seoul, having a stop in Shanghai, we finally landed near Denpasar, the capital of Bali, and directly took a taxi to Kuta, the most touristic spot in Bali and probably whole Indonesia. Due to the time (it was roundabout 5am), we were just looking for a kinda cheap hostel to take a shower and find some sleep. On the way to our first hostel, an old prostitute was in the right mood to show us her... Okay, let's move on with the next days.

Our first Hostel

After staying the day in Kuta at the beach and partying at night, we decided to rent a cheap scooter for a few days and drive to Ubud in central Bali and Amed in east Bali at the coast. Driving a scooter was my first real adventure as I never did that before: First try, no license, driving at the left side of the street, in Kuta - the most touristic and therefore traffic city in Bali - I loved it! Even though I got caught by the police and paying a "fine" for driving without license, we made it without any incidents to Ubud and the day after to Amed - a quiet village at the east coast. After staying there for two nights to do some snorkelling, we went back to Kuta to give back the scooters. Driving really fast with a flat tire (which I got on half way back), we managed to get back to Kuta in quite a short time. After lunch we took a private shuttle service to Padang Bai, a harbour of Bali, from where we can easily go to Lombok - by boat - in 6 hours.

             Sky Garden Lounge - nice club in Kuta              Kuta - Beach Monkey Forest - Ubud Amed - view on Gunung Agung         

These first days were definitely a great start into a longer trip through Indonesia, the next part (Part II - Lombok) will come next.

Thanks for reading, comments are really appreciated! Bye byee

Finally a little blog..

Sonntag, 12.01.2014

Hey ihrs, here we go: I decided to write my own blog, my own little stories about my experiences in South-East Asia. I'm already in Indonesia for roundabout three weeks now, so I have to catch up some things. I'm not sure If I can recall every little part of my trip as way too many things happened so far. Not only different islands of Indonesia and their different lifestyles, but also New Year's Eve, Christmas and so on give me the chance to write tons of little posts..

I hope you enjoy it! As it is my first blog, recommendations and critics are always welcome. Compliments, opinions, questions and/or other comments will be read with a smile as well. Go for it and make me happy, followers!

Obviously English is not my native language, so let's hope it's good enough to let you understand everything I want to tell ;)

Best wishes,

 South East Asia